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Vintage Leather Men Wallet from Aliexpress

Dear babes,

You can’t possibly imagine how long it’s been since I first put my eyes on this wallet. Then, the day I found it discounted came as a miracle. The original price, of almost 30$ was way too high for me and because I really really liked it I hoped it would be discounted one day. And it did!

OMG, when I saw it (I think it was the Flash Deals section but I cannot remember correctly) I immediately bought it as a present for my honey baby <3. What I can tell you right from the start is that this product has amazing quality and it’s simply adorable.

Delivery info: 29 March – 19 April

Price: 10.29$ (approx 43 RON) at the moment of purchase.

Color: brown

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Roman Vintage Watch for Women – Aliexpress


I have to start by saying that I absolutely love this watch and I was a little bit nervous until it arrived.

Let’s start with the basic info about the product and then I’ll tell you guys all about how it feels and what is my personal experience with this Ali beauty.

Delivery info: 29 March – 25 April 2017, so about a month. I live in Romania so for other places, there might be other conditions. Also, the shipping was completely free of charge! ❤

Price: 17.44$ (aprox 72 RON) at the time of my order, but as you know the price might fluctuate depending on a series of factors. One of them might be using your mobile app, rather that the desktop Aliexpress shopping platform.

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