Aliexpress Wishlist #1

I am in love with so many products from the Aliexpress shopping platform but I don’t end buying all of them. Anyway, sometimes it takes a few days or even a longer period of time until I actually put them in my shopping cart.

I think that it is actually good for me to take this step, especially when I do not instantly feel the drive to buy that particular item. It’s also like a test of time and so if I want that after a while, then it means I really liked it.

There were a few situations in which I wanted something so badly but then forgot about it until I realized I don’t like it anymore.

Do you use wishlists?

  • Two-Pieces Women Blouse | Price: 15.99$ | Product link: click here


  •  Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater | Price: 14.40$ | Product link: click here

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