Delivery List

Aliexpress delivery waiting list – April 2017

There are so many items that are soon going to be delivered to ME! ❤

I am so excited and  I am constantly checking the 17Track app to see where they are. If you never heard of it, this is a free mobile application that was specially designed to help you keep track of your parcels. The order’s status updates everytime something changes, letting you know where it is at that very moment. This is also nice because it gives you the possibility to see how long it takes for the product to leave the eminent country, how much it takes it to get to your country/city and then to your local post or even your doorstep.

For me, the average delivery time is one month, which is long enough I admit. I am lucky that I got used to this, I take into consideration this aspect when I order and I don’t mind it anymore.

With this being said, imagine I have my items on their way here and they are all Aliexpress products that I ordered in April.

I thought that would be fine to show them to you here before they arrive and I can make a full review.

1. Black stone rings set product link (approx 23 RON)


Gorgeous! It was love at the first site. I paid 5.56$ for it and I’m so anxious to receive it. It takes longer than usual as I placed the order on 21.02.2017 but the hope is not lost! Continue reading “Aliexpress delivery waiting list – April 2017”