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Watermelon T-shirt from Aliexpress

I swear I felt in love with this one as soon as I saw it. There are many other models in the product’s description box and I actually liked another one, with bananas on it, and I was thinking to order them both, but in the end, I decided not to buy it.

I wanted to test the quality at first and only after that to buy more if I liked it. Guess what? I loved it and I am wearing it very often because it fits so well with other pieces of my wardrobe collection. I just like to call it that, the truth is it’s in progress for now 😛

Anyway, if you are curious how it looks on me and how I decided to wear it, be sure to continue reading 😀

Delivery info: 31 March – 03 May (Romania)

Price: 4.87$ (approx 20 RON) at the moment of purchase.

Color: watermelon model


Parameters: size L

Material: cotton mixed with polyester

Shop: Rainy day Store

Product link: click here


The material is very thick, soft and comfortable to the body. The size was perfect for me as I now have a waist of 70cm and a bust of around 95cm. I am planning on losing some weight over my waist and I am thinking about buying a waist trainer but I haven’t taken that decision yet :D.


The shoes you can see in the picture are also from Ali, and I made a different review for them, that you can read at this link.

In the picture above, the T-shirt is on the outside so you can see that it’s not so long, but just perfect.

I like the fact that the quality is just simply amazing for the price paid and the size is perfect. I was a little nervous with this one but apparently, there was no need.



And now, let’s see a few close-ups:


It is pretty visible that I’m extremely happy, right?


The colors are very bright and I know that you can’t see that in all pictures, but just before we finished shooting, the rain started so the light was not so good.


It’s sewn perfectly, it has no flaws whatsoever and no ugly smell.


I wear it very often, and it has such a pretty effect on me, bringing me the joyful spirit and the happy smile all day long.


I am so curious about what you guys think 🙂 Get in touch with me and let me know!


Oh, and as a bonus, here you can see all the other models at a glance!


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