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Vintage Leather Men Wallet from Aliexpress

Dear babes,

You can’t possibly imagine how long it’s been since I first put my eyes on this wallet. Then, the day I found it discounted came as a miracle. The original price, of almost 30$ was way too high for me and because I really really liked it I hoped it would be discounted one day. And it did!

OMG, when I saw it (I think it was the Flash Deals section but I cannot remember correctly) I immediately bought it as a present for my honey baby <3. What I can tell you right from the start is that this product has amazing quality and it’s simply adorable.

Delivery info: 29 March – 19 April

Price: 10.29$ (approx 43 RON) at the moment of purchase.

Color: brown


Parameters: 12cm height + 3cm width + 9.5cm lenght

Shop: Contact’S Flagship Store (Top Brand)

Product link: click here


It has many pockets and I think it’s pretty good, as many things do fit in there. It has a big pocket for money, and another zipper one, right below, which is visible in the picture above.


On the sides, you can see the coin pockets, they are two and very generous. I think you can place coins in one of them and something else in the other. The only thing that couldn’t see fit is the ID card which in Romania is quite huge, almost half of this wallet. So, the only way you could put it is in the big, money bill pocket on the vertical (I am sorry I didn’t make a picture of it too so you can see it more clearly).


As I said before, the quality is very good. It had a little weird smell at first, when I unpacked it but soon got lost and I guess it was because of the fact that it stayed wrapped and packed for almost a month until it arrived at my local post office.




I am so satisfied with the quality of this leather wallet from Aliexpress and I am happy because I liked it so much and now I have (well, it’s not mine but I can glance at it for as long as I want).


Oh, and the color is gorgeous and the vintage leather aspect is all I could ask for (I am such a vintage fashion fan!). I actually think that this is what made me fall in love with it so badly.




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