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Summer Colorful Street Flip-Flops (Aliexpress)

Dear babes, I have new products coming up and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Here I will be talking about my new pair of sandals, that I actually wore today. The next two articles will cover my watermelon T-shirt (that I just adore!!) and a wallet that I have bought for my honey-baby. I am so satisfied with all my purchases so let’s get to it.

The sandals are extremely comfortable and light to wear. The measure is good, I could say that it is a little too fixed, but it not looking bad, plus after wearing them for 1 day, I feel like the sit more beautifully.

Delivery info: 02 April – 03 May

Price: 15.05$ (approx 63 RON) at the moment of purchase.

Color: beige


Parameters: size 7 (24 cm)

Shop: Pasoataques Slipper Store (Top Brand)

Product link: click here

The quality is much more than I was expecting. They look really nice in the seller’s pictures as well but they don’t have so many reviews and I was a little anxious to see what will they be like. I am impressed by the seller and I recommend them.

I am planning to make a listing with the trustworthy sellers and Aliexpress shops, based on my purchases and how I liked the products in terms of quality, delivery time, price, etc.


I love the fact that there braided and the colors are so vivid. The material is super pleasant to my feet and they make the experience so comfortable. Actually, comfort is the key word for these women sandals from Aliexpress!


They are simply awesome! I also like the little details that make them special, like the fact that they are sewed like that on the margins and the little stones in the braids that shine so lovely.

I think that what I like the most is that they are statement shoes, drawing attention and completing the look. I believe these sandals are quite versatile so you could wear them with multiple outfits.


The quality is very good and I really trust them holding on for a long time. I will update this article over a period of time, just to let you know how I feel about them.


For now, I am very satisfied with my purchase and I can’t wait to wear them some more.


Did you buy shoes from Aliexpress or have some good reliable sellers to share with the rest of us? If we support each other, we will only have great happy shopping on the Aliexpress platform, without being disappointed for another purchase in or lives!

See you, dolls! ❤


DISCLAIMER: Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links, which means that if you click and make a purchase I may receive a small commission (for no additional cost to you). This helps support my website and allows me to continue to make reviews like this! Thank you so much for the support!


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