Why do I shop on Aliexpress shopping platform?

Well, I did think of that for a couple of times until now, and I came up with these 4 reasons:

  • It’s fun;
  • It’s exciting;
  • It’s new;
  • It’s cheaper;

For me, shopping on Aliexpress is fun, mainly because I find all sorts of products, some that are really funny (just like the pillows below).


But apart from that, it’s a pleasure to check out the platform, and see different products, save them in my wish list or buy them instantly. I am using the mobile application that is different from the PC version in terms of features and options but I will detail this in a future post that I will link here for you.




I get excited once I find things I like and I can say that I gradually started to buy products from various Aliexpress categories. I remember that my first buy was a wallet that I am still using. This was happening on 15 March 2016! (I am sorry, I don’t have any picture with it and the link is dead).

I want to change it now because I got bored and I feel like I don’t like it anymore but still couldn’t find another that I would fall in love with so I am still searching for the right one for me (I’ll keep you posted).

I was saying that my Aliexpress product range got wider and so from a wallet, I started purchasing other kinds of accessories and even clothes.

One more reason I love Aliexpress so much is that here I can find stuff that I can’t buy in my country. Ok, maybe some I can, but that would mean a lot of time from my end, to go through the city and its small shops. I like to do that as well but not always so that can’t become a serious solution for me. And there is another issue…those products that I can find, are much more expensive.

This being said, I know that it takes around 1 month for the packages to get to me and that sometimes I am having some sort of anxiety about what the product might be like, but it adds up to an experience that’s quite thrilling and has nothing to do with shopping in land-based shops.

For me, I like to combine the online shopping on Aliexpress with trips to the local companies, and basically, my shopping theory is that I will buy what I like and what fits my personality.

I have seen many other theories, from women that buy clothes that would fit their wardrobe and that would allow them to make various style combinations.

I can’t do that. If I like something, I buy it without thinking about what I’m gonna do with it next. I will find a way, and that actually helps me keep my mind fresh and my creativity going. The possibilities are endless ❤

What is your shopping style and what kind of products are you buying from Aliexpress website? What keeps you from buying some other stuff?



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