Delivery List

Aliexpress delivery waiting list – April 2017

There are so many items that are soon going to be delivered to ME! ❤

I am so excited and  I am constantly checking the 17Track app to see where they are. If you never heard of it, this is a free mobile application that was specially designed to help you keep track of your parcels. The order’s status updates everytime something changes, letting you know where it is at that very moment. This is also nice because it gives you the possibility to see how long it takes for the product to leave the eminent country, how much it takes it to get to your country/city and then to your local post or even your doorstep.

For me, the average delivery time is one month, which is long enough I admit. I am lucky that I got used to this, I take into consideration this aspect when I order and I don’t mind it anymore.

With this being said, imagine I have my items on their way here and they are all Aliexpress products that I ordered in April.

I thought that would be fine to show them to you here before they arrive and I can make a full review.

1. Black stone rings set product link (approx 23 RON)


Gorgeous! It was love at the first site. I paid 5.56$ for it and I’m so anxious to receive it. It takes longer than usual as I placed the order on 21.02.2017 but the hope is not lost!

2. Colorful summer shoes product link (approx 63 RON)


Bought them on 28.03.2017 (and now I realize how many orders are not from April!!) and they are still not here. Paid 15.05$.

3. Watermelon T-shirt – product link (approx 20 RON)


I felt in love with it and had to have him! On 30.03.2017 I paid 4.87$ and bought one of my own. I can’t wait to see it live.

4. Floral blouse A  – product link (approx 68 RON)


Ordered on 30.03.2017 (big day for me, huh?) and paid 16.18$. I am very curious about the quality.

5. Floral blouse B – product link (not available at the moment, approx 47 RON) 😦

Same delivery date as her sister, only different price, in this case, 11.18$

6. PJs product link (approx 48 RON)


Super curious about these, first time to ever order pajamas. This was happening again on 30.03.2017 and cost me 11.34$.

7. Elegant dress x 2 product link (approx 49 RON/each)


So I’ve got two of these, there are very cute and I am really anxious to see how they look in reality and if they are nice enough to be worn at events. I will keep you posted on this one. The two colors I picked are watermelon red and claret red (which is darker) and I placed the order on 31st of March. The price was 11.56$/piece.

8. Sexy lace bralette (black) product link (approx 13 RON)


The name is quite fancy, right? It looks really pretty in the pictures, and the price was extremely low so I had to have it! I ordered on April 8 and it was 3.15$.

9. Lace bralette bustier (white) product link (approx 9 RON)


It’s like the little brother of number 8. Again, very quite and catchy so looking forward to having it in front of my eyes. Ordered on 8th of April for 2.13$. Yeeey!

10. Imitation pearl necklaceproduct link (approx 5 RON)


I paid just 1.11$ so you can imagine I can’t wait to check the quality of this. Anyway, the product had many positive reviews.

11. Gorgeous earring product link (approx 6 RON)


I just love them! I hope they look like this in reality as well. Again, the reviews were really good and the price even better – only 1.41$! I ordered number 10 and 11 on the same day (19 April) and from the same seller.

12. Spring vintage dressproduct link (approx 55 RON)


I love vintage everything and can hardly keep my hands off this kind of products. I couldn’t stand a chance not to order (19  April) this one for the beautiful price of 13.05$!

13. Silver watch product link (approx 57 RON)


I will soon need a support for watches! I take it back. I already need a jewelry support for my watches because I have quite a suite and I can see that I am still ordering so I need to find a way to nicely display them in plain sight. Anyway, this was 13.72$ and I placed the order on 19 April.

14. Pink cardigan product link (approx 61 RON)


Oh, this piece I’ve seen in my first attempts at buying from Aliexpress website and I felt in love with it, put it on my wishlist and never bought it. Her time has come though, on 24 April to be exact. I paid 14.61$.

15. Peace dove broochproduct link (approx 2 RON)


Superb! The only thing that will say, because I just love them! Was 0.40$, order on 25 April.

16. Black earringsproduct link (approx 3 RON)


I find them very pretty and elegant. Same seller, 0.80$, same order date.

17. Cherry earrings product link (approx 2 RON)


I had ones like that before but I lost them or something happened and when I saw those, I knew I had to try. The cost was 0.55$, same seller, same order date.

18. Pink rectangle earrings product link (approx 1 RON)


I think they look just like some candy, don’t you think the same? I paid only 0.30$.

19. Colorful watch product link (approx 10 RON)


I felt in love with the colors of this watch, and I have to say that for 2.22$ I really hope it’s ok. The reviews were very positive so let’s wait and see. Ordered on 28 April.

Finally, the list is finished! OMG, how many products and it’s only April! I have, to be honest, and say that while I was editing this post, there were a few of these that already arrived at the destination. I won’t say anything now because I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I’ll try to come up with full reviews asap.

I hope you liked my list dolls and if there’s something you would like to buy for yourself, or you already own, let me know! I am super curious about your taste and style.


DISCLAIMER: Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links, which means that if you click and make a purchase I may receive a small commission (for no additional cost to you). This helps support my website and allows me to continue to make reviews like this! Thank you so much for the support!


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